Before & After - One Bathroom Becomes Two, in Orinda

Some of my favorite challenges are redesigns where I get to reimagine the space entirely. Take, for example, this bathroom in Orinda. In San Francisco, space is at such a premium that you would rarely, if ever, see this much wasted space - for one bathroom. The unfortunate part was that for this family of four, this was both the powder bath and the boys' primary bathroom.

The Client's goal was to convert this space to a powder bath for guests and a highly functional, with lots of tucked away storage, bathroom for her two boys. She has a mix of styles used throughout her house - areas that were not in the scope of my work. She wanted the boys' bath to be more modern but with some traditional & warm elements to blend with the rest of the house.  The powder bath needed to be more transitional yet, as you may step into it, but never the rest of the more modern spaces.

Here are the "before" followed by the "after" shots:


One thing you may notice is that the door does not swing into the new full bathroom on the floor plan, as it did following construction. That was because the client decided to add a pocket door. Personally I'm not a fan of pocket doors on bathrooms but it works well for her.

Notice that it IS possible to put a light switch, on the same wall as a pocket door. He utilized a remote control Lutron switch. This information is huge for small space design. AND he was able to tuck the occupancy sensor away discretely so the room is Title 24 compliant. 

To maximize the countertop and get two sinks for her sons, we utilized an integral Silestone sink and countertop, fabricated and installed by Fox Marble. It took a considerable amount of coordination between myself, Fox and the Contractor but the end result is beautiful. 

To make the storage highly functional, a lot of thought went into how the cabinets would be designed. The client and I didn't want to see a lot of hardware so touch latches were utilized. See additional details in the image below.

A lot of praise goes to the Contractor on this project who was able to execute the design.

Thanks for reading! xoxo, jojo