We Have a New Look!

Over the past few weeks we have been busy creating a new look!

Five years ago today, JL Interior Design was started...the website and logo have changed a little along the way but it was time for a major change. I had received a couple of estimates for a new logo and website but they were too expensive. Through my work at Interior Crowd I was keen to try a similar concept for logos: 99 Designs to create a new logo - great experience! I received a ton of options and selecting the winning design was quite a challenge.

For the website, my handsome hubby has been telling me about Squarespace for over a year and how great it is. I gave it a shot and guess what, I LOVE it!  With Squarespace I'm finally able to have Google email & apps and the blog is now a part of the website.  

Since the company name, JL Interior Design, seemed to be long to spell out over email I decided to simplify with jlidsf.com and created an entirely new domain name that I will have everything point to. I know this may be confusing for a little while but ultimately I think it will be better. With the new blog I'm hoping between Lindsey, Courtney and I, we'll be able to post more frequently. I'm really excited to have Courtney on board & Lindsey back, even if only on a part time basis.  

We have a fun-filled week ahead: client meetings, Wednesday night's opening party for SB Fine Arts, photo shoot for some new group shots for the website and another for a major remodel project that is nearly finished in the Marina.